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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sassy, Classy & GLOSSY: Game On Girl Keke Palmer

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Lauren Keyana "Keke" Palmer was born August 26, 1993 in Harvey, Illinois. Keke is a SAG Award-nominated, NAACP Image Award-winning actress and singer best known for the film Akeelah and the Bee and for the TV show True Jackson, VP

Keke made her acting debut in the movie Barbershop as Gina's niece, and was in two films released in 2006: playing a supporting part in Madea's Family Reunion and starring as the lead character, Akeelah Anderson, in Akeelah and the Bee.

One of many talents, Keke is also a singer, signed to Atlantic Records. Her debut single, "All My Girlz," is featured on the Akeelah and the Bee soundtrack. She also sang the songs "It's My Turn Now" and "Jumpin'" featured in the Disney Channel Original Movie Jump In!, in which she also stars as Mary, love interest to Corbin Bleu. And, her debut album So Uncool was released on September 18, 2007, and her second CD will be released this summer!

And in exciting news for you fly 80s fans, Keke's going to play legendary hip-hop emcee Roxanne Shanté in The Vapors, a film about the formation and rise of the Juice Crew.

Currently, Keke stars as a 15 year old Vice President of a fashion company on the Nickelodeon television show True Jackson, VP.

For more info on Keke: &

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Room Redo: Contempoary Bedroom

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Yeah, yeah, YEAH! We know those Pepto pink walls, dreamy unicorns and cutesy butterflies aren't cutting it anymore and you done already passed 'GO' on being ready to redecorate your bedroom. Well, we're gonna show you how to do it, do it for cheap, and most of all, do it in true Glossy Girl fashion.

The first style of decorating we're gonna tackle is Contemporary style. When you whip your room like this, it means that you're putting a modern twist on old favorites. According to Better Homes & Gardens (no, it's not just for old biddies), "contemporary style is often defined by clean lines with a casual atmosphere, open spaces, neutral colors, and elements and materials inspired by nature." To get this look, for example, instead of having flowers on your bedspread, you do a simple stripe; or you exchange curvy furniture for straighter angles. Check out BHG's gallery contemporary bedrooms to see the complete put-together look.

There are some simple things you can do you update your room style into a contemporary teen bedroom. Here are some products that will work quick & in a hurry, and best of all, on a budget!

The best way to update a teen bedroom is to change your bedding. Bed-in-a-bag sets are ideal for this type of redo because you get everything you need in one swoop!

Another way to change up your look is with a lamp. A table or floor lamp will do you just fine depending on the amount of space you have in your room.
Paper Shade Lamp,, $19.99
Black Wave Stick Lamp,, $119.99
(a lil' pricey, but dang if it don't look good!)

And for your moms to get off your back about being messy, storage solutions can also add some swagger to your bedroom.
5 Section Honey Comb Cube,, $49

If you're wanting to redo your room in a contemporary style, it's not hard to do. Just look at some pictures of bedrooms you like and put your own spin on it. Have fun, ladies!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Spring Makeup - Smokey Eye

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Aren't you glad it's March? Yeah, yeah, yeah; I know some of you guys are getting that last chill or still have a little snow on the ground, but check this: Spring is around the corner. And, in honor of the weather getting a lil bit warmer, and the sun getting a lil bit brighter, let's focus on one trend for makeup.

Now, most old ladies will tell you that dark eye makeup on your eyes is for hussies, and if or when it's acceptable, it's only during a Christmas party. Well, this is one time, we're telling you to ignore those old bags, and pull out your bag--your makeup bag that is--and don't tuck that black shadow away just yet.

A soft smokey eye is great for spring and it's something you can do fast and in a hurry. For a simple look, rim your eyes (top and bottom) with black eyeliner like you would do for everyday. But here's the trick: line your eyes a little thicker than usual and take your ring finger or a q-tip and smudge the line out.

If you wanna get all Beyonce "Im'ma Diva" wit it and spend a little more time on your eyeshadow, pull out those brushes, black eyeliner and your gray, black and silver shadows. Line your eye and smudge, like before. But we're 'bout to take it up a notch. Apply the gray shadow on your whole lid, up to the crease. Sweep the back shadow on the outer corners of your lid, blending it toward your nose. Use a fluffy brush and lightly dust the silver shadow to blend everything together.
To go more in depth, try this EHow tutorial.

Use these steps and Voila! you've got a smokey eye to rival any old lady!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rihanna + Chris Brown = ?

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According to People this past week, there has been a Rih Rih and C. Brown reunion. The two were spotted frolicking together in Miami on Diddy's property. Interesting. We know what we here at Glossy Game think about the situation, but what are your thoughts? Should Rih Rih & Chris try to work it out or should she leave him alone and be the one that got away?

Ladies, though there have some some serious reflections and comedic takes on the unfolding of the Rihanna and Christ Brown abuse saga, remember that violence in a relationship is NEVER acceptable. Knowing your self-worth and knowing the signs of potential abuse are some of the keys to preventing violence in your relationship.

Here's some info:

  • 62% of girls 11-14 knew a friend who had been in a verbally abusive situation
  • Some of the signs of being in an abusive relationship include: loss of appetite, nervousness, weight loss, bruises or broken bones, anxiety, shame, mistrust of self and others, depression, fear, feelings of worthlessness, terror
  • If someone is writing horrible things on your MySpace or Facebook page, consider blocking the person

If you think that you are in an abusive relationship, visit these sites:

Remember, if you or someone you know are in any type of abusive relationship (emotional, verbal, physical, psychologial) GET OUT, seek help; it's serious!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ruffles: Get Familiar!

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As if ruffles ever left the flirty, girly world of fashion, they will be a trend that we'll see continuing into the fall. That's right ladies: if you don't dig ruffles, GET FAMILIAR! For the last couple of seasons, ruffles have been seen on cute, sleeveless tops, but they are now migrating to dresses. So for you girls that love the innocence of a babydoll look, and you wanna get a leg-up on those other fashionistas-in-training, here are some suggestions.

For a casual, spring look:
Teired Ruffle Hem dress in grey, $22.80,

For a dressier look:
Dot Emboridered Dress, $42, (formerly Limited Too)

So there you have it, ladies; a quick, little snippet from Fashion Week that you can rock.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Ideas: Gifts for Girl Friends

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Okay, so we know THE day is quickly approaching. So we're gonna do a mini-series on some last-minuted ideas for teens on Valentines Day. The things you do for the people you care about don't have to be expensive or elaborate. Just letting your girlfriends know you care about your friendship goes a long way! Here are some ideas for fun, easy Valentine's Day gifts to give your friends.
  1. Fill a cute canister up with your friends' favorite goodies. Wrap it with a cute bow and voila! Finished!
  2. Get a group together and treat your friends to dinner and a movie. Or, if you want to keep it low key, invite friends over to your house for red & pink inspired goodies and a great oldie-but-a-goodie romantic comedy. Crazy/Beautiful, anyone?
  3. MAC's Hello Kitty limited edition collection of kitty inspired shadows, nail polishes, and glitters are a great idea for those girls into beauty!
  4. Do a secret Valentine with your friends. Draw each others names and make a handmade Valentine's day card for the person you picked. It'll be hilarious to see what kind of cards your BFFs will make!

So there you have it! Four fantastically fabulous things you can do to celebrate Valentine's Day with the people who always got you: your girls!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Keep it Glossy, Keep it Glowy

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Hey, darlings! GlossyGame has not forgotten about you! Yeah, we were on somewhat of a hiatus, but hey, how can we tell you to go for your dreams if we don't!

Anyway, it's summer. Keep it glossy, keep it sassy, and keep it cute! We'll be back soon with updates!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gettin' More of What You Want

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We know there have been tons of times where you have asked, begged, and volunteered to wash the dishes for something that you wanted. But still, your moms still said no. It was probably partially due to whatever the hotness was that you asked for, but your mom saying nay had more to do with how you handled the situation. So here are a few tips to help you out. You'll be cheesin' like the Rollback Wal-Mart smiley face after you've gotten what you deserve!

1. Argue like an adult. If you resort to whining, it proves to your mom that you're not mature enough. Make a strong point and back it up. Use a calm voice and don't overreact!

2. Give valid reasons why you should get more goodies. Did you make good grades last progress report? Help your funky lil' bro with his school project? Use these types of examples of how you've helped around the house and done your job as a good daughter.

3. Act older than your age. Taking on more responsibility will show that you're ready for bigger and better things. It could be going to the mall with your mom's cash because she trusts you to buy the right thing or it could be getting some updated electronics. Whatever it is, showing that you're capable to handle it is the most important thing.

4. Don't go behind your mom's back. Doing something anyway is just gonna get you in more heat and make it less likely that you're going to get to do something else fun later on. Besides, having your moms rip you a new one isn't fun.

Follow these four rules and you'll be on your way to sportin' the new J's, getting a new iPod, or spending a weekend out of town with your BFF and her family. Acting like you can handle a new experience by acting more adult can go a long way.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gettin' Into Spring

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Even though the winter chill is still in full effect, you can prepare yourself for Spring. We know it's kinda early to be jumping into the Easter egg colors, but you can still get your girly on in the tail end of the season. Take the bold contrast of black and white in softer shapes and looser fabrics. For example, a ruffled onyx and pearl shirt like these from Baby Phat, Old Navy and Forever 21, can help loosen the drab from winter and help you kick up the cute that is oh-so-imperative for Spring.

Check these tops out for some quick ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

   Contrast Empire Tunic, Baby Phat, $49,

   Double-Ruffle Top, Old Navy, $26.50,

   Polka Dot Bow Top, Forever 21, $22.80,

   Pin-tucked Silk Blouse, Forever 21, $29.80,

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Dream

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Ladies, don't forget The Dream and don't forget
to dream
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Gossip Folks

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Now that school is back in session from Christmas/Winter Break, classes have changed for the new semester for some of you, and for others, some may have returned to school sporting something new from the Christmas gift pile. Since things can change a LOT over break times, gossip definitely follows. So, that girl in fourth period is whispering behind your back and you know for a fact because your BFF gave you the low-down; what should you do? I mean, you could go ahead and spin her face, but what good is gonna come from that besides three days of lock down in In-School Suspension/Restriction or havin' your moms rip you a new one? There is a better way to deal with gossip than fighting or biting back with another rumor. Check out three ways to thwart gossip girls.

1. Do Some Investigating. Try to get to the bottom of the rumor if you can. Ask your girls to do a little undercover, private eye work for you. The stories could stem from something that actually happened but got twisted in the process. Or, it could be that something fabulous happened to you over the break and people are hating.

2. Stay Calm. Getting overly hype about a fake story only causes more kids to talk about your reaction and spread even more rumors about what you said or did in response to the rumor. Try your best to keep your cool, which is easy for a classy chick like you, and keep it moving. 

3. Enjoy it. We know it sounds crazy, but being the It Girl at school is status, for real. Because of the gossip, everyone wants to know what you're doing, who you're with, and, dang, what you're eating in the caf for lunch. Ride the wave and enjoy the fact that people are blowin' you up with friend requests on MySpace.

Those are a few ways to deal with pesky gossip from girls in class that are hating. Listen, everyone can't always keep their game on point, so they have to talk about you and your fine self to make themselves feel better. Take in stride and you'll be back to your normal routine in no time. 

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Keeping the New Year's Eve Party Going

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Just because New Year's Eve has come and gone doesn't mean you and your friends can't continue to get your glam squad on. January is prime time to be amped to reinvent yourself, especially for the new school semester coming up in a couple of weeks. Mixing unexpected touches of bling--especially for class--can give you a boost of confidence and a diva attitude.

 Try a sequined tank, like the one pictured by G-Unit ($34.99,, under a black denim jacket with skinny jeans (Lindsay Skinny Jean in Indigo, $12.50, for going to the movies with your girls, or your boy. 

 Use some sparkle paired with a bright burst of color for school, you'll be the envy of your friends, and better yet: your foes! (Wide waist pencil skirt, $16.50,

  Take this plain-Jane mock-neck sleeveless shirt from Red by Marc Ecko ($22.99, Dr. to the next level by slipping on a long necklace with a large crystal charm (Crystal Heart Necklace, $4.80, Forever to make that generic shirt so stunna!

And last, for those of you girls who go to religious services, try a shimmery sweater or dress with ballet flats that give your footwork something to be happy about. 

Take advantage of these ideas and you'll be flossin' your own unique style before long. Why not feel the holiday spirit a little while, longer, especially when you look good, girl! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Heeey, Glossy Girls! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday complete with family, food, friends, and...GIFTS! We'll be back to let you know exactly what you need to beat the winter break boredom (although your Christmas gifts should tide your honey buns over 'til January) and the outfits you'll need for your friend's new year's eve parties. And, be ready for the inside tip on stuff you'll need for back to school in January. So, check back soon and don't miss out. 

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gifts for Mom

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If you have a Sally Beauty Supply in your area, there are some great finds there that make good gift goodies and are a decent price. Hey, nothing wrong with shopping cheap, so you can keep a lil cash for yourself! Make it out and check out some of these items as last minute gifts or stocking stuffers.

Orly Beverly Hill's Manicure Kit, $9

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Refreshing Body Lotion, $12

Helen of Troy Chrome Spring Curling Irons, $10

Salon Creations by Curlmaster Ceramic Straightening Iron, $20

Spa Collection Pedicure Travel Tote, $10

Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Shimmer and shine is always in for the Holiday season. Especially when it comes to partying, Christmas style. Check out drugstore brands for cheap, but cute, colors to use for eye shadow.
Drugstore and cheap chic staple Wet n' Wild has a new product called Ultimate Expressions Eye Shadow Palette. These palettes come in three pretty amazing combinations. We suggest using 396 Sand Castle or 397 Paradise Cove to compliment our shades of skin. Use one or a few of the colors to acheive a glimmering holiday look. Do it big on the shimmer, 'cause after all, it is Christmas! 

Black Radiance has some very cute, very chic Loose Shimmer Eye Shadows. Check out the colors 3002 Silver Fox and 3003 Golden Sun to use as highlights in the inner corner of your eye. Just take the very tip of your eye shadow applicator (or keep it gangsta and use your pinky finger, like us) and gently dot the shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes, near the tear ducts. Using this trick will make your eyes look brighter and definitely comes in handy when you're eyeing that cutie from class at the Christmas party! 
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Lazy, lazy, lazy! We know you haven't gotten up off of your lazy behind to get in gear for holiday gift giving. Above are some books that are fly, yet frugal. These books from are all under $10. The three we chose are Confessions of a Backup Dancer by Anonymous, as told to Tucker Shaw, Camp Confidential: Falling in Like by Melissa J. Morgan, and Confessions of a Boyfriend Stealer: A Blog by Robynn Clairday. With that in mind, get to giving!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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If you still need Christmas gifts for your BFFs that are hella cheap, check out these cute Mossimo hoodies from Target. At $14.99 and in a couple of colors for each style, you can cop one for your girl AND one for yourself. 
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Don't let dry, dull skin take away your holiday hype. Smooth a bronzer like Bonne Bell's bronzers in Golden Tan (left) and Coppered Bronze (right) on the tops of your cheeks, middle of your forehead and a dab on the chin; all of the places a light or the sun would hit you naturally. Smackin' on a bit of bronzer--even for us Black chicks--helps brighten up our already caramel complexions. It ups your glow factor, but won't break the bank. At about $4, this will have you glowin' with the flow in no time flat. 

Community Cuties

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Ladies, submit your boyfriend, your best friend, or your funky lil' brother for the MySpace Cutie of the Week award. Every week, we'll be choosing an online fella for you to drool over. Meet the first.
Yung Princ3[riot] ~My art is my escap3~ is an 18 year old cutie from the DC area. Check out his footwork:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Hey, girl, heeeey! This is THE newest blog for black and brown chicks like yourself who are into the latest fashion, beauty and entertainment news. 

This blog will also feature other stuff like Q&A, dating/dudes and advice. 

Don't sleep on this one, bookmark it and check back often!